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Who We Are

Farley Big Local is run by the Partnership – a group of residents and partners from the Big Local area, who are responsible for guiding the overall direction of the Big local area.

The Partnership meet every 5/6 weeks to steer the project and hold a public meeting, attend local events and activities regularly where we share updates, continue the discussion around the Big Local conversation and ask for feedback and ideas from the local community to help make sure the projects stay relevant to the local area.

Get Involved with Farley Big Local

Would you like to become a local decision maker?
Would you like to affect change in your community?

Farley Big Local is a resident led community group committed to making Farley Hill estate a wonderful place to live.

Farley Big Local describes an exciting opportunity to affect change locally by engaging with likeminded individuals. Thanks to the Lottery, over the next decade Farley has £1 million pounds to spend on neighbourhood improvements.

Farley Big Local’s purpose is:

  • To identify local needs
  • Influence local policy through strong and clear advocacy for Farley
  • To provide expenditure in order to fulfil neighbourhood priorities

In practice a Partnership Board, i.e. steering group is made up of several residents. Resident members of the board have different backgrounds. However, what brings each member together is a strong desire to make a difference. That’s the driving force behind making Farley Big Local work, local people.

We are looking for new members to join our Partnership Board

Individuals who have the enthusiasm, energy, commitment and skills to contribute are welcome. Training and support will be made available to all. Courses will also be open for residents to attend.

Some commitments include:

  • Attending Partnership meetings: at different venues around the Farley estate, where local improvements, future plans and current developments shall be discussed
  • Attend occasional sub-group meetings
  • Attend local socials and festivals
  • Being responsive via email and phone
  • Advocate for Farley Hill
  • Contribute towards the objectives of the delivery plan.